Brian Baker

Hi, I’m Brian, an executive creative director at Instrument, where I lead the creative team in New York.

Prior to Instrument, I co-founded This Also (2013) where we worked as a strategic design partner with clients like Google, Nike, Spotify, Tumblr, Xbox, Apple, Beme, and Samsung. Instrument acquired This Also (2019) to expand their capabilities and serve as the foundation for their New York office.

Some notable work I led at This Also includes a set of AI Experiments called Creatability (2018), made with Google and creators & allies in the accessibility community. The mission of the project was to use AI to make creative tools more accessible. It won the Cannes Lions Design Grand Prix (2019).

We also took on the broad-sweeping evolution of the Google Identity (2015) where our team focused on the Dots and strict standards for their interactivity, as well as specifications for the new identity across Google’s vast ecosystem. This project started while I was at Google (2013) where I helped define the (2016) along with the fundamental concepts for the intelligence driven identity.

Lastly, we made some fun stuff like the ooo app (2017), Real NYC Stickers (2016), and plenty of swag.

Before all of those adventures I worked at Huge (2009) where I designed products and services for HBO, AMC, MTV, and JetBlue.

I began my career in Austin, Texas (2006) where I had a guitar pedal company, met my wife, and wow, now we have two kids.

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